Foehrenwald Golf Club

Wiener Neustadt
2007 - Competition

Foehrenwald Golf Club - view from the green

The concept, which was developed in collaboration with G√ľnter Jakubec, derives its horizontally oriented design from the broad expanse of the surrounding area. The elegant ensemble of buildings rests on a platform that extends gently into the landscape.

The functions are provided in interplay of existing and new structures. The individual areas are arranged around a central, open foyer, optimising the pathways of the golfers with their caddies.

The restaurant opens onto a large terrace that faces the golf course and can be covered in case of rain. It offers a high degree of flexibility combined with the comfortable character of a golf club. This in turn makes possible a separate but integrated room with an outside terrace for a wide variety of events that can be held separately without involving the core area of the restaurant.

Foehrenwald Golf Club - floor plan