House for a Football Team

Vienna XXIII

House for a football team - front goal

In order to offer extended training opportunities to three young and budding football players, their parents bought part of a football pitch with an existing changing-room wing (a house from the 1970s) in the Vienna suburb of Mauer. The existing building, however, had no relationship to the pitch, the basement lying at terrain level with the upper, residential level not linked to the garden. In addition, the owner-builder also needed a protective roof for his old Jaguar.

By docking a “grandstand-ship” to the living area, providing a deck for swimming and sunning with underground parking beneath it, and remodelling the attic to provide a team room, all requirements were met, although a few square metres of the pitch were lost in the process.

House for a football team - rear goal

House for a football team - living room

House for a football team - floor plan