Manner Shop on St. Stephen’s Square

Vienna I
2003 - Competition

Manner Shop - interior rendering 1

Dark, matt wood runs like melted chocolate from the wall-to-wall shelving along strips on the floor before solidifying in the blocks of the presentation tables. The chocolate stream is broken by the sales desks, which look like waffles dipped in chocolate. They are made of light-coloured wood with a waffle surface design.

A pink ribbon bearing the logo runs from the entrance, behind the presentation tables and across the entire salesroom, leading to an info-screen showing the history of the traditional enterprise as well as its modern production.

The deep niches of the display windows facing Rotenturmstrasse feature block-like tables, which do double duty as decoration from the street and as a presentation area for seasonal wares.

Manner Shop - interior rendering 2

Manner Shop - interior rendering 3

Manner Shop - design concept

Manner Shop - display concept

Manner Shop - Rotenturmstrasse facade

Manner Shop - functional floor plan