MUMOK Box Office

Vienna VII

MUMOK Box Office - top view

In designing a porter’s lodge for the administration entrance to the Museum of Modern Art, a virtue was made of a necessity: because combustible materials are not permitted in a stairwell used as an emergency exit, a fireproof box was designed that can be kept closed when not in use.

During office hours the entire front of the “red cube” can be opened and used at the same time to advertise current exhibitions. The monochrome interior, which seems to have been carved from the box like a sculpture, provides a modern, air-conditioned workplace including a telephone exchange. Visitors are greeted by this sculptural object as they enter the art institution.

MUMOK Box Office - closed

MUMOK Box Office - opened a little

MUMOK Box Office - opened a little more

MUMOK Box Office - opened wide

MUMOK Box Office - opened fully

MUMOK Box Office - floor plan