Residential Building in Hazelnut-Pistachio Design

Vienna XII

Hazelnut-Pistachio - street view

This five-storey residential building near Philadelphia Bridge was built on an empty lot to fill a roughly cubic space with a length of 15 metres on a side. Of the ten owner-occupied flats, six are three-room flats of approx. 80 m2 while the two ground-floor flats and two attic maisonettes have four rooms each totalling 120 m2, respectively.

The inviting entrance hall narrows as it leads to the garden. The vertical axis permits great flexibility in locating entrances to the flats on each of three sides and a variable layout to meet the needs of the occupants.

This floor-plan concept allows for direct lighting in the flats via the bay windows that enliven the façade on the street side as well as on the courtyard side, which features a captivating play of protruding loggias and balconies. The façade is made all the more friendly by its colouring in hazelnut and pistachio.

Hazelnut-Pistachio - garden view

Hazelnut-Pistachio - balconies

Hazelnut-Pistachio - balconies zoomed

Hazelnut-Pistachio - balconies bottom view

Hazelnut-Pistachio - balconies top view

Hazelnut-Pistachio - staircase

Hazelnut-Pistachio - stair newel

Hazelnut-Pistachio - maisonette