SAUBAU – Modular Stable System

2005 - Study

SAUBAU - type alu facade + steep roof

SAUBAU is a unique and economical prefabricated building for pig-farming. Its innovative features are its modular system and the intelligent and cost-saving construction principle. This allows flexible layouts for all types of pigsties, with infinitely variable length and width. The trusses supported by the formwork construction are suitable for spans of up to 24 metres and also provide an insulated ventilation level. The system offers a basic framework for tailor-made pigsties in various shapes and materials, ranging from budget-priced solutions to environmentally friendly and individually designed sties for feeder or breeder pigs.

SAUBAU - type wood facade + steep roof

SAUBAU - type plaster facade + steep roof

SAUBAU - type wood facade + flat roof