St. Peter an der Sperr – Exhibition Church

Wiener Neustadt
2002 - Study

St. Peter an der Sperr - front rendering

With the secularised Church of Saint Peter, the City of Wiener Neustadt has an exhibition space with great spatial potential in an inner-city location that is ideal with respect to infrastructure. The study seeks to indicate the possibility of developing the church to create a modern stage for the art of the 21st century with only minimal intervention while respecting the historical substance of the building.

Construction of a gallery around the interior creates a wide variety of new possibilities for exhibitions and restructuring the interior space. The church’s greatest shortcomings are compensated for by the new foyer, which provides for a large number of complementary functions as well as by the symbols of art that are oriented towards Wiener Strasse to attract the attention of passersby.

St. Peter an der Sperr - rear rendering

St. Peter an der Sperr - floor plan