Kiev Airline Catering Centre

Kiev, Ukraine
2007 - Study

Kiev Airline Catering Center - existing building

Because of the small size of the site, the design commissioned by iC consulenten calls for a four-storey building. This led to a high complexity of internal procedures, because a wide variety of workflows needed to be efficient on the one hand and kept largely separate on the other.

Incoming raw materials are received via a ramp to the basement, which for the most part houses storage space, changing rooms for personnel and utilities. From there the material moves to the “warm kitchen” and bakery on the first floor and then to the ground floor, where it is brought together with incoming articles from dish storage and the “cold kitchen”. There the trays are made up and the trolleys filled before being loaded together with duty-free goods and newspapers and being taken out to the aircraft.

Kiev Airline Catering Center - work flows