Simmering Market Centre

Vienna XI
2005 - Competition

Simmering Market Centre - arial view

The basis for the design was provided by urban building considerations as well as the contradictory demand to preserve the market square while at the same time building on it. The concept meets these requirements by respecting the existing pathways, using structures that create specifically defined exterior spaces. From the standpoint of urban design, the axes of access are preserved, while the market square acquires new qualities.

The individual areas for the adult education centre, music school and library are clearly defined and linked by a foyer that continues from the ground floor into the upper storey. The present design allows the rooms to be arranged on only three levels so that all facilities can be reached easily and without barriers.

Simmering Market Centre - rendering 1

Simmering Market Centre - rendering 2

Simmering Market Centre - rendering 3

Simmering Market Centre - top view