Which specific applications can be stated?

HRABAL ARCHITECTURE is supposed to be applied to all future projects. The process is not only oriented outwards, but also inwards, i.e. it becomes basis for concept and project management, regardless of the project´s size.

Is the transparent and comprehensive communication during the design phase not an integrative part of architect´s services?

HRABAL ARCHITECTURE is not a tool for communication, but a completely new structural approach of handling the design process oriented.

I.e. a new transformation of the concept phase, in which client and architect are in close contact in order to analyse needs to get the basic conditions, which then undergo the synthesis. Based on the resulting overview a well-thought design is worked out, which takes into account all relevant parameters, instead of jumping from the briefing into the design, what was common so far.

Which value-added is created by HRABAL ARCHITECTURE?

Structuredness, transparency, quality assurance and securing ac sustainable and concept-based approach to the architectural design instead of arbitrariness, based on the moment´s intuiton.

The objective coverage of all criteria nd influences, the order of these parameters on a process-level, in fact the unbundling and description of the concept´s focal points in order to create an overview before thinking in building volumes too early by risking on the one hand to overstrain the client and to forget certain parameters on the other hand.