Architectural solutions for tasks with a complex functionality like in production plants, laboratories as well as catering centers represent our office’s core-competence.

Our process-oriented design methodology is systemic analytical, i.e. we don’t prioritize thinking in building structures, but first analyze the production process, the flows of people and goods, then reflect on the results and finally transform the conclusion into a building design committed to function, form, efficiency, flexibility and sustainability.

Hrabal Workflow Diagram

Lots of our projects have been carried out during operation in several steps.

We cover all business services starting from design over supervision up to project management. In cooreation with our partners we are able to provide all other relevant services like structural design, building physics, mechanical and electrical design as well.

The design of facilities with a high complexity is subject to a specific approach and requires fundamental understanding of the technologies involved – know-how, which qualifies us as partners for such projects due to our educational and experiential background.

Business Project Portfolio

Laboratories Project Portfolio